I could have stopped and put my creative project yesterday down earlier and gone to bed at a reasonable hour: I can’t run on adrenaline forever. I also intended to finish the emergency documents for my parents: another undone project. What DID I do yesterday? Caught up with Tim. Read a little of “Hustle and Flow.” Read a little of “The Souls of Black Folk.” Did my monthly passion planner and my weekly passion planner. Caught up with the Kellens. Went for a longish walk. Repotted the cactus. Saw the news about an old slaver’s statue being torn down in Bristol. Is that all? I thought I did more on the computer but perhaps it’s all blending in with the day before. I sat on the balcony in the rain with a cup of tea for a bit also enjoying the quiet and remembering when Dad and I used to sit on the porch in Magnolia. Not every day has to have an accomplishment.