Unsatisfying call with Irene yesterday, who’s decided she’s just done with social distancing & because the London case numbers are dropping the risk must be over. I tried to explain why I’m so afraid for America & her reaction was “but people always call him a fascist” which is true because we always knew where this was going, but now it’s actually happening. She’s just too jaded to it all to really empathize right now. But other people are there with me donating and so on. I can see that people are unlikely to continue virtual socializing once they can be together physically, with the possible exception of my Swiss crowd. This makes a difference for my “move out of London” plans. Because I’d have to get a whole new community, exactly when I’m trying to avoid people. Daphne keeps suggesting a giant house in the country but what I really want is a more hacienda-style dwelling where we all have our own side of the house but there’s a central courtyard for parties and general hanging out. Several small cottages in the same place would do. But as things are I have to be content with friends scattered around a big city: I feel hemmed in and lonely at the same time. Urban alienation wasn’t really a big part of my life before but it’s noticeable now.