Dreamed my work colleagues and I were sequestered together on a small farm for the duration of this thing. I got caught on the sofa as my workstation between two of them. Pointed out we had two farm buildings and perhaps some of us could move to the other house for more room. Then a very vivid dream about my bedroom on the farm: ground floor with a floor-to-ceiling window in one corner through which I spied the most beautiful black swan with iridescent feathers. Strange sex dream about the swan (isn’t there a Greek myth about Zeus turning into a swan?) Regret not getting an early walk in but nothing to do for it now. Busy day ahead if I want to finish all my planning, cooking, and plant potting before craft time. Torsten and the Interlocken folks hosted a sing along virtually on Friday. I couldn’t make it as it was 8 PM US time (1 AM over here!) but I loved seeing the recording. So special. I haven’t felt that close to camp in years. I miss it so.