My cousin and his fiancée seem determined to go ahead with their wedding plans in January. I had their save the date card on Friday. I’ll have to tell them I can’t make it, which is sad because I was looking forward to seeing all those people again. But it’s simply not safe to travel. And if they were doing the right thing they’d postpone the party or just have a very small ceremony and keep the big celebration until later. Too many health conditions. There was an outbreak caused by a wedding in Maine where none of the people who died actually went to the wedding, so it seems heartless of them to proceed with their plans. Why don’t they get legally married and defer the party for a year or until after a vaccine exists? I feel bad but I simply can’t go. But my heart is heavy because I can’t go home for Christmas, not the way things are. And I don’t see that changing before December. I sometimes worry that I’ve seen my parents for the last time. But we talk regularly and share always. I miss them, but I know it’s not the right thing to travel to see them right now.