Weather continues sticky and sultry. Hard to concentrate in the day, hard to sleep at night. Evening walk yesterday. Still crowded when I went out, as for the past three nights. Again people stopped on Pelican Stairs but they were just temporarily paused. It seems my solitary sanctuary isn’t so solitary anymore. This time there was a family playing in the dusk under the terrace as well as on the sand. Couples seem to like it–they tend to sit on the steps themselves with drinks (inconsiderate!) And the occasional gang of youths is down there throwing rocks at cans or skulking. My blue and white pottery finds are continuing–I should get a display box. Need to figure out how to mount them non-destructively. My archaeologist friends might know. My body is fatter–rolls of fat visible above my hips, pronounced paunch, uneven breasts (for some reason the right one puts on weight a lot faster than the left). It was inevitable with more eating and less movement. I’m trying to think of it as seeking abundance putting on reserves, in a disruptive time. When I went for a walk a bag of co-op shopping was on the ground floor in the vestibule. I wonder if it was misdelivered. I hope there’s no dairy in there. If It’s still there today I’ll check the receipt, no point in letting the food go to waste.