My usual chaotic start to the morning after a helicopter hovered overhead for what seemed like hours but what was probably only 40 minutes or so around midnight. They seemed to be over Whitechapel and they weren’t moving around enough to be the air ambulance. I thought maybe they were looking for a drowning in Shadwell Basin but they weren’t close enough. When I went to check I saw the fishermen of Shadwell basin having a fire on the far shore where the trees are. They’ve been out there ceaselessly since Sunday when some of the restrictions lifted. Those fish must be disgusting so they can’t be catching them for food. I often think they must be running from something, these men eternally at the basin side. Probably better for their wives and children that they’re here, squabbling like gulls, rather than home, where I can only imagine their excess energy gets used more destructively. Is it unfair to assume that of them? They just seem so unconcerned with how much they’re blocking the path when they venture out of from their small wooded area, with how their voices carry, with the litter they leave. They have that very masculine capacity for taking up all the space. I welcomed the lockdown order for sending them away and I can’t say I’m delighted to see them back again. I think the helicopter is back–perhaps a fire? They can’t be shooting a movie. I wonder. Today’s going to be a long day. Nice note from my old boss. I don’t know how to answer his question about how work is going–well and badly at the same time but I don’t want to bore him with a long story. Definitely still a helicopter. This can’t be good.